I am a motorcycle lover who's been in and around the trade for 25 years. It started as a clever idea I had with a great friend of mine, we were passing spanners across to each other as we were working to get his Katana back up and running in my conservatory: "We should start a bike shop together!" 

We both headed off to college, he to London and me to Nottingham and off we went. We never did start that shop together though. Well, not yet anyway. As I finished college I was offered a job the next year, teaching electrics and from then on electrics and engine management has always been a special interest. I started my own workshop, was the foreman at a couple of other shops, all the while teaching part time too. In 1999 a colleague at college and I started doing some freelance technical training for some of the many scooter importers, this was amongst the huge scooter boom of the time. From there I was offered a position at Piaggio, first as a regional aftersales manager, then as training manager for the UK market.

Piaggio was a very interesting time, getting the trade from the manufacturer's point of view is fascinating. I worked with customer service complaints, complaints that had already escalated past the dealer's ability to resolve usually, very challenging! I helped with technical support, on the phone or going out on site. I ran the technical training, in the end setting up a training centre for all the motorcycle and scooter brands that we dealt with. Lots of trips to Italy to get trained myself and made some good friends there. I do love Italy!

Afterwards I spent some years in publishing, book and e-learning. Some interesting challenges but it was always automotive and in the end I'm a biker and as much as I may like driving, my geeky interest in tech is on motorcycles.

From 2013 I have freelanced as a technician (MV Agusta principally) and done some training contracts with Yamaha, Probike and Larsson.